by Prestige

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released May 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Prestige Tacoma, Washington

Heavy Metalcore band from the Pacific Northwest.

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Track Name: Force Feed
Day by day I'm constantly searching for life
Going through the paths that you want me to go by
But I'm not free
I'm still suffering
By the demons of my darkest days
Track Name: Altered Vision
Open your eyes take a look around
Fucking realize the difference in the world
We have changed for the better, but you can't let go of your ignorant ways
Times have changed, times have changed

Walk through the path, and let go
We are all equal, there is fucking hope

Push away from your old ways
This generation needs to know there was pain and suffering
When others chose to live free
And not in the fucking shadows

I'll no longer abide by their rules


I am free from these fucking chains

Don't you try to hold us down again
We're pushing to live a clear minded reality
You won't stop us
So let go of the ignorant ways
Your forefathers brought us
They will be no more

Let go

Push further to the future from your ignorant ways
Track Name: Misery Complex
I can't stand to take the chances. I'm on the edge to my breaking point. Im not who I use to be.

Waking up day by day. I have nowhere to find fucking solace

Break free

Everyday is the same fucking pain
I wish it was different
Ever since 1998 misery surrounds me
Ill never be as strong as you wish to see

With every passing
Makes my heart heavy as stone
My entire reality has come to a close

No Second Chances
Track Name: Cast Aside
Help me write off the path
From the depths of my mind
I never wished for this
I just wanted peace of mind
You know we were at home

I felt so alone
So go damned alone
Abandoned home

And you, nowhere to be found
Gone all night looking to erase your pain
(She)Stayed up all night trying to
forget you

You pushed us aside
The memories of my young life
I was searching to cope my pain
There was nothing left of me

Broken underneath
I was consumed by your passing
Mother why weren’t you there to help me through

Depart from me

Come back for the first time
See the sorrow in our eyes
Track Name: Submerged & Drowning
Pull me out from the water
I have tried to drown myself
So I can not be retrieved from
Cut the rope
There's no fucking hope
I never wanted to be nothing
We're just waiting for the end
Track Name: Hollow Faith
Grabbing faith by its neck, showing it no mercy
Devouring everything in plain sight
Until the correct time presents itself for me to release this agony

Live with yourself, day by day

How can you ignore the obvious?
What lies beneath the soil is living proof that we all eventually evolve

Believe in whats in front of you
False scriptures will pave their way into your fucking head

As I face this world alone
Everything that I've encountered was fabricated by mortals

Grabbing faith by its neck, showing it no mercy
Devouring everything in plain sight until the correct time presents itself for me to release this agony

Your destruction
Just save yourself

Demons and spirits await for all of your loved ones and friends
When will you come to your senses?
When will you clear your head?

False scriptures will pave their way into your fucking head
Extinction will play its role on society, due to mankind

Obey no one

Demons and spirits await
Track Name: Grievances
I have become the burden of my own life
I long for my body to be ashes
My soul withdrawn to see the dark abyss
In hopes of others to be happier to see better days

I'm forever wanting to free myself
To rest, and never have to ask for help
I just want you to be free

Let go of the burden of your life
Behold the isolated dreams of your mind

Promise me you find yourself
Life means nothing if you can not define yourself

God damn

Restore yourself
Track Name: Behold, The Beast Within
Critical passages passing through my god damn mind
Fear has me wanting to cut ties from life
You casted your spell on me
For then I’m sane inside
Guide me through this fucking life
Holding on to keep my identity alive
The air is wearing thin now
I just feel alone

I Just feel so lost
And I’m holding on just to see your face

Pull tighter on the cables of my mind
Humanity is malevolent

Cursed is I. Pain is violent. Hatred undo me.

Behold the beast within.
Search the skies
Pray the night
Lift your hands up
You’re fucking denied
Beg for mercy
Sacrifice yourself

Cope in the paper lies
Fuck yourself, erase your mind
Embrace the anger, and fear in sight
Darkness will eat you alive

Close your eyes
Decline the path of nature
Release your spirit from its bind
Natural selection can't set you free
Free from your fucking mind

End of this chapter
Where do you see yourself to be?
It's the dawning of humanity
Eclipse your eyes, and be relieved
Grasp hold of life
Track Name: Two Forty Fire
Grounded by my own failures
I found myself searching for strength.
To be out of darkness, succumbed by depression.
Serenity was never first place
And I hoped to seek out of solitude
I wanted to erase myself

Obliterate my memories from your conscious
I never wanted to be anxiety on your chest
I felt your heart depart from your body
You’ll never feel my yearning for your identity

My soul was exposed
To the surface of reality
I could not contain the sorrow of your passing

I hope you’re at peace from your departure
I’m holding to the day when we're reunited

Burning bodies. Sprits to the unknown. There’s no hope for us

No love can guide me home
No restoration for my soul

Salvation is a false hope

To be out of darkness, succumbed by depression